Via AdAge: Pinterest’s Growth Is Huge, But Its Future Depends on Deeper Targeting

Most brand conversations about reaching consumers on social media start with Facebook and Twitter, and stop after those two. But there’s another fast-growing platform brands should consider — Pinterest. With its simple and visual-driven interface, the platform has grown its active users by 111% in the past six months.

With all that growth, brands naturally want to be part of Pinterest, to reach those who use the platform as a mirror that reflects their aesthetic sensibilities and interests as they evolve. Pinterest is experimenting with products that help marketers tap into its audience, while racing against other social platforms, including the Facebook-owned Instagram. 2015 will be the year to see if Pinterest can develop into a must-have for brand marketers.

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Don Mathis

Don Mathis: GM, Comcast NBCUniversal, Navy. Tech Entrepreneur & Executive.

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